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Saturday, October 29, 2005

1st Post

Hey all,
This is my first post of the blog, well basically here I will update, talk and nag about stuff related to the tech world and I'll try to update it as often and as soon as news gets out as possible.

Ok so whats new in the tech world? 1st up is 20-Inch Laptops. What?! Yup 20" LCD Laptops, as if 17" weren't big enough. Well not like it people won't start using it, they will, but seriously now laptops are meant to be light, powerful and portable, thats why they are created. Well ok 20" now DVD fans will be able to watch their DVD's on their laptops on the go. Else for all you other people out there who needs a laptop for home, school or work use, most likely a 15" LCD Laptop would suit you well as it really isin't practical to carry a huge laptop around, but some of you out there will think otherwise. And I recommend Lenovo, or Acer if you are looking for a laptop =)

Next is Oracle and their databases. they have marketed their "Unbreakable" databases but it has come underfire by many. Security reasearchers have found many holes in their database, and people are critizing that Oracle are patching their flaws too late, Oracle needs to do their pacthing if they are to keep their reputation as the largest and best database provider in the world today. I have always though highly of Oracle and their databases, but it seems that I'll have to be more carefull now.

Well, another piece of good news released sometime ago is that Microsoft and Yahoo will be linking up the messenger systems. Finally man! I personally have been waiting for this to happen and well now users on both sides will be able to chat with each other freely, with the only problem of playing games with each other. Would be nice to see how this story turns out, well we can only wait till next year.

Ok I'll stop here today. Please post you comments if you do read my blog. Thanks.